ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey showed up in the closing moments of the 2018 Royal Rumble event and pointed at the WrestleMania logo hanging from the ceiling of the Wells Fargo Center in Philly and it certainly meant a lot. Major sports outlets who normally shun pro wrestling news from their front pages were forced to pay attention to the major signing for WWE.

Rowdy Ronda Rousey signed a multi-year WWE deal which will see her performing in a full-time status. WWE will take first priority for Rousey over any other projects while Vince McMahon and Company will certainly be a part of any negotiation for extracurricular activities she takes part in as well.

The now-retired MMA fighter and first-ever UFC Bantamweight Champion shifted a large amount of focus on women’s combat sports by being a part of some huge pay-per-view buys for the UFC. Many also contribute WWE’s focus on women to Ronda’s outstanding success in the UFC as well because higher-ups realized how much money they could make by promoting women’s matches as more than just a novelty.

PW Insider reports Rousey is finished filming the upcoming Mark Wahlberg film “Mile 22” and she reported to the WWE Performance Center on Monday and Tuesday to start her career as a WWE Superstar.

Fans in Las Vegas will get to see her sign a contract as a Raw Superstar at Elimination Chamber while fans all around the world can watch it on the WWE Network. But signing a piece of paper for Rowdy Ronda might only be the tip of the iceberg for her as she continues her journey in pro wrestling.

Rowdy Ronda been training for a long time and remained focused on her goal to become a WWE Superstar. Now it looks like that day is finally upon us for Ronda Rousey to start an actual program in WWE and it could all kick off at Elimination Chamber. After all, Rousey’s contract signing could very well be stretched into a much longer segment to jumpstart a possible WrestleMania match if WWE sees fit.