braun strowman

It’s almost like Braun Strowman auditioned for the part of WrestleMania main eventer but was chosen as the understudy for the lead and a member of the ensemble cast instead. Strowman might have spent 2017 making sure everyone got those hands, but it didn’t seem to sway the direction of Vince McMahon who is set in his ways to turn Roman Reigns into a made man at WrestleMania 34.

But the fact is Jon Bravo has a new documentary coming out and he was actually shooting the last scenes of it today. Once it is finished he will send it to his attorney so they can look it over because he’s being extremely careful with this information.

Through his film about the PED business in culture using Richard Rodriguez’s operation as a framework, he hopes to inspire and inform as well as change some people’s perceptions of the subject matter. But with the 15 Superstars both past and present that are about to be included in his next video, he very well might change more than just the way people think about steroids. It could also alter WrestleMania this year.

“As Dave noted a couple of days ago, they’ve already shuffled around the card a little bit based on what’s going on,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. “The Miz vs Braun Strowman match, I mean that’s off now. Because they’re holding off Braun and if they need him to step in for Roman Reigns, for example, he’s gonna be in a non-major program at this point in case they need him. And if you watched Raw on Monday it looks like it’s a program with The Drifter.”

“My feeling is I don’t know if they could go 6-weeks and do Braun Strowman vs The Drifter I mean they may have to burn through that one and do another one for WrestleMania. I think what’s gonna happen is if something goes wrong with Roman, Braun’s gonna face Brock. If something doesn’t go wrong with Roman, Braun’s just gonna face whoever, obliterate them in seconds, powerslam them 50 times and that’s gonna be his WrestleMania Moment.”

It was mentioned in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter how Strowman was being used as a “floater” this year at Mania but if Strowman doesn’t end up in a marquee match this year there will certainly be plenty more to come for The Monster Among Men. His career is just beginning in WWE and as more fans rally behind him he very well could see himself being way bigger than he already is, metaphorically speaking of course.