There’s never a good time for a wrestler to be injured, but one could argue that WrestleMania season is the absolute worst time for a WWE star to suffer an injury. Last week Seth Rollins successfully defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Jinder Mahal on Raw, but it was reported that Rollins suffered an injury in the process.

This week Seth Rollins cut a promo on Raw and declared that he will be taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship into WrestleMania 40. While speaking with Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA, Rollins shared an update on the timeline for his in-ring return and he said that he hopes to be back in action in a month.

“Rehab is going to be a pain. Dodged a bullet the ACL is intact so anybody who knows anything about ligaments in the knee, the ACL’s the big one, that one is good. The MCL will heal with time, we’ll get in there and do some stuff, check out the PRP, and do some rehab. I’m hoping to be back at full strength in around a month, around a month is like kind of my timeline. And we’ll see what happens.

We’re gonna take it day-to-day, I’d like to be back in a month. I don’t wanna walk into WrestleMania & that be my first match in 2 or 3 months, whatever it is, that’s not gonna be good for me. I want to get out there and test the wheel out and make sure we are in a good place. We will see how it goes, we are taking it day by day but I am happy that it wasn’t something that was going to put me on the shelf for 6 to 9 months.”

H/T Inside The Ropes