CM Punk made his big return to WWE at the Survivor Series premium live event in 2023, and he went on to enter the 30 man Royal Rumble match back in January. Punk made it to the final two in the Royal Rumble, but unfortunately for him he was eliminated by Cody Rhodes, and CM Punk also suffered a triceps injury during the match.

Since January CM Punk has been sitting on the sidelines, although he has been making appearances on WWE programming so he can keep his feud with Drew McIntyre going. Dave Meltzer recently shared an update on CM Punk’s return on Wrestling Observer Radio and it was noted that Punk could potentially be back in the ring fairly soon.

“Punk’s not that far from being back most likely. If he had his surgery at the end of January, you’re looking at the end of July, August, maybe September. It’s not that far away anymore.

“He might make SummerSlam. And if he can make SummerSlam, Punk and Drew for the title, that makes a lot of sense. Even if he can’t, you can do it a month after. Punk will be back fairly soon, it’s not as far away as sometimes you think because of that surgery.”