There’s no denying that Rhea Ripley has been on a roll over the last few years as she’s fought hard to become one of the top stars in the women’s division. Unfortunately Ripley’s momentum was halted when she suffered an injury which forced her to vacate the WWE Women’s World Championship. Now everyone is waiting to see when she could be back in action.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Rhea Ripley is rehabbing her shoulder instead of undergoing surgery. She is not currently scheduled for SummerSlam, but it’s being said that if she heals up faster than expected, or if she’s needed for an appearance due to storyline reasons it’s still possible. While Rhea Ripley is currently rehabbing the shoulder she could still potentially need surgery if the shoulder can’t be mended enough.

After Rhea Ripley vacated the WWE Women’s World Championship the title was won by Becky Lynch who picked up a major victory in a battle royal. Lynch went on to drop the title to Liv Morgan at the King and Queen of the Ring event.

With Rhea Ripley sidelined Liv Morgan has vowed to take everything from the former champion, so it will be interesting to see how things play out when Rhea eventually returns to TV.