Over the past few weeks WWE has released several talents as Emma, Darren Young, Summer Rae and James Ellsworth are no longer with the company, and there’s been speculation that a NXT star could be on his way out.

After Emma was released, NXT star Lio Rush posted an ill-timed tweet making reference to Emma’s release, and he found himself on the wrong end of some major heat as his peers called him out on social media.

Rush later issued an apology, and he recently made some changes to his Twitter profile that had some fans worried he had been released.

Lio Rush removed all references to WWE from his profile, and he also changed his location from Orlando to District of Columbia.

The NXT star also posted some cryptic tweets that got people talking.

However, PWInsider is reporting that as of Thursday morning, Lio Rush had not been released from his WWE contract.

As of this writing Rush is still part of the NXT roster and his profile is still up on WWE’s official website.