jeff jarrett

Jeff Jarrett’s story in pro wrestling has taken it’s ups and downs through the years but he is still continuing and although he might be taking a hiatus from the hustle and bustle of the pro wrestling life, it’s still running through his veins and he will always be a fixture in the pro wrestling community.

Following a recent relapse and some stories that really made us sad to hear, Double J was taken out of his backstage role at Impact Wrestling and checked into rehab.

It turns out that even with the history between the two, WWE still paid for Jeff Jarrett’s rehab like they have so so many others before him. Paying for former employee’s rehab is one of the greatest unsung things WWE does and they should really be commended for it.

But it looks like Double J’s latest stint in rehab is behind him and there is very good news to report. He is with his family and currently doing much better. We can only hope that the story of Jeff Jarrett in pro wrestling isn’t over yet. After all, it might be impossible to fully pull him away from the business he loves so much.

In the meantime though, Double J seems to be at home with his family so they can all celebrate the holidays together.

His wife Karen Jarrett also posted this awesome picture on her Instagram to further illustrate just how well Jeff Jarrett is doing which is great to see.

Hopefully, Jeff Jarrett can continue to influence future generations in a positive way because he has a lot he can offer the pro wrestling business if he approaches the situation in the right state of mind. It looks like he’s on his way to a fresh start and we’re all pulling for him.