tyler breeze

In NXT Tyler Breeze was one of the brightest up and coming stars the brand had to offer, but it seems that Breeze has struggled to find his place on the main roster.

At the moment he’s working as part of a tag team with Fandango, which has been well received by the fans. But during a recent interview with TheWhig.com he was asked about people saying he’s been misused on the main roster, and he said that he doesn’t look at it like that.

“It’s easy to look at it like that. I don’t like to look at it like that. I’m still very young, I’ve still got a lot of career ahead of me. It’s not really about being misused. I like to use Shawn Michaels as a reference where he came up and he never really even became the Heartbreak Kid until he was eight or nine years in WWE. Everything takes time.”

When asked about a possible singles run in the future, Breeze teased that he and Fandango still have unfinished business in the tag team division.

“We still have some unfinished business. We still have some loose ends with The Usos that we want to tie up. Until we get those Smackdown tag team titles, we don’t really have a need to go on our own. We’re having fun together. Until that happens, I don’t see us splitting up any time soon.”