Allie is an Impact Wrestling Knockout who has done a lot in her career. Even before her time in Impact Wrestling, she had an amazing career in the ring. Whatever she does from this point on will only push her farther into the pro wrestling business.

But her character is often compared to a certain WWE Superstar, Bayley. Allie recently spoke to Riju from Sportskeeda about the fact that The Hugger and her character are so similar.

“I guess, in general, people always look for similarities. Bayley and I are good guys, so to speak. Super babyfaces. I guess that’s the similar quality that we have. But in terms of our wrestling style and our characters as a whole, I don’t think we are all that similar, you know.”

Allie went on to say she didn’t really think it was a bad thing, in the end, being compared to The Hugger.

“I take it as a compliment because Bayley is a really great talent. She’s a wonderful person and an awesome wrestler.”

Another similarity between two women from WWE and Impact Wrestling is Charlotte Flair and Sienna. The Knockout was also on the same call with Allie and Sienna spoke about Charlotte’s similarities to her gimmick when she was asked if she could elaborate on her claims on social media that Flair stole her look.

“Did I say that she stole it or asked her if she needed help with her fashion? I called attention to something that was pretty familiar to me and give her the opportunity to elaborate at her end.”

She tried to be as diplomatic as possible, but in the end, Sienna still found a way to put a little dig in there toward The Nature Girl’s likeness to her own character.

“But, I don’t remember Ric Flair wearing peacock feathers around his neck. That’s all I’m going to say.”

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