triple h

Triple H has done it all in the WWE, and he’s faced the best of the best. Hunter has been with the company for a long time now, and he’s seen many talents pass through the WWE locker room.

One wrestler who has been with Triple H through most of his WWE journey is The Undertaker, and while speaking to the New York Post, Triple H noted that there’s no one in the business that he respects more.

“You talk about longevity and the ability to change and morph all those things, he is a measuring stick of all of that,” Levesque said. “That’s why 25 years later they want to see him maybe more now than ever. As a performer he is the measuring stick in a lot of ways, and as a human being as a performer in what we do, as a locker room leader. I respect him more than anybody.”

The Undertaker is set to appear at the upcoming Raw 25th anniversary show, and it was recently reported that WWE officials have big plans for The Deadman, but Triple H remained coy when asked about a potential return to the ring for Taker.

“I understand why people can’t let go of it. It’s a hard thing to say that that would be the end. What he has left? I don’t know. We’ll have to ask him. That’s the beauty of WWE. Wait and see.”

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