Triple H is on the cover of the latest edition of Muscle & Fitness magazine, which is on newsstands now. You can subscribe to the magazine by clicking here. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

How he transitioned to into a creative position:

“In some ways, I’ve been doing it behind the scenes for years. Vince McMahon used to say to me, ‘When are you going to stop playing around and come do some real work?’ Once I had kids and was looking to be home more and getting a little older, I saw it was time to make that transition. Vince sort of baited me in, saying, ‘Why don’t you come in to the office once or twice a week on your off days?’ And the next thing I know it’s, ‘I need you to take over this department and come off the road full time.’ Vince likes to call me [to wrestle] in case of emergency. I’m a character they can pull in here and there. But honestly, the less I do it at this point, the better. Even wrestling once or twice a year is hard, and I have to prepare for it as if I’m Floyd Mayweather preparing for a boxing match. It’s a commitment, and trying to do that with a full-time job and a wife and kids is very time-consuming.”

How the Performance Center came come to be:

“WWE has had a development system for a long time, but I felt we needed to do more. So, from concept to development, the Performance Center was mine. And it was something that Vince, when I pitched him on it, said was phenomenal. I helped design it, and worked with the architects. I went to NFL and NHL training centers and saw what the best teams in the world had. I thought, ‘If I were a 20-year-old today, what would I need to succeed?’ And I put it all in that building. That includes everything from strength and conditioning, rings for [future Superstars] to work in, to promo rooms where they can work on their verbal skills. We train everyone from referees to announce teams there. That’s the platform for the next generation of Superstars.”

Advice for other business people to stay in shape despite hectic schedules and travel:

“I make sure I always have a body-weight routine on hand, or bands, so I can do something in my hotel room. Even if you do only 15-20 minutes of intense exercise every day, your life changes dramatically. The Rock and I have always had a rivalry. And even though he’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world now, to this day, I’ll still look at his Twitter account, and it says something like ‘4:30 a.m. in Bolivia filming a movie, about to hit cardio.’ So when I have to motivate myself, I’ll think about that and say, ‘f–kin’ Rock. If he can do it, I can do it.’ He motivates me. He’s not afraid of a hard day’s work. If being successful means I have to miss sleep, that’s what I’ll do. And that’s most people’s problem. Most don’t want it more than they want to hang out or go and see the new Iron Man movie. When I was in high school, I didn’t hang out with my friends, I hung out with the guys from my gym. My friends wanted to go to parties and I didn’t, because I was going to get up at seven the next morning and do a heavy leg day. That’s just how I’ve always been. I hope that drive never goes away.”

His favorite WrestleMania moment:

“Of all time, I guess it’s that iconic moment at WrestleMania III, with Hogan slamming Andre. It represents that time and the explosion of the business. For me, personally, it would be WrestleMania 28, with me and Undertaker and Shawn Michaels as the referee. There was a moment I’ll never forget, with the three of us standing at the top of the ramp – we were like the three guys of the Attitude Era left standing, after the Monday Night Wars and everything. Three guys who couldn’t be closer or have more respect for one another. I have a photo of that moment framed at my house.”


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