There have been many controversial stables throughout the history of professional wrestling and there’s no denying that D-Generation X knew how to get people talking. DX’s antics entertained millions of people all over the world, but it doesn’t sound like USA Network was always on board.

Triple H recently spoke about DX’s heyday on the SPORTbible Stories podcast and he recalled Vince McMahon’s reaction to USA Network disapproving of their actions.

“USA [Network] had been on us for weeks. ‘These guys cannot say that stuff, they cannot do those gestures, they have to stop it.’ We would go out and do it the next week, and Vince [McMahon] would tear us apart. ‘You guys are gonna get us thrown off the air!’ … But he wasn’t doing anything about it, right? We felt like there was a lot of threatening going on, but he wasn’t doing anything.”

Triple H also talked about how a real letter from the network ended up leading to the creation of one of DX’s most iconic segments when he said, “Vince brought us the letter, and he’s like ‘Well, here it is. … And if these demands aren’t followed to a tee, you will no longer be on the air on USA Network. … What are we gonna do about this?’ And we said ‘Let us take the letter and use it on TV.'”

According to Triple H after USA Network saw the segment they sent a letter congratulating WWE on the ratings that Raw did and also praised DX for being hilarious, so it seems that everything worked out.

H/T Wrestling Inc.