triple h

Triple H is always looking to tone up his muscles and keep in incredible shape. He’s constantly training for something so it should be no surprise to find him in the gym. He really can be ready at a moment’s notice to wrestle and he has proven that in recent months by hopping on a plane and making towns around the world.

With the Royal Rumble in sight and WrestleMania around the corner, it only stands to reason that Triple H has something in store for him in the upcoming months. After all, it’s rare that Triple H will miss a WrestleMania as long as he can compete.

But as he works out in his gym at home, it looks like he’s got a new training partner in the form of his daughter. You can see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s time in the gym and love of physical fitness has really rubbed off on her too. She really is a chip off the old block.

Triple H shared this little workout video and said it’s never too early to start training for life which is an understatement. Once Triple H started training, he never stopped and continued on his way to becoming the man he is today with a ton of power both physically and metaphorically.

We’re guessing he has plans for his daughter to follow in his footsteps, whichever path she decides to take in life. You also have to respect the fact that she had to wear chains around her neck too just like her old man, The Game.


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