Total Divas is a reality television show that gives fans an inside look into the lives of some of WWE’s most interesting characters and provides an inside peek into their lives. To capitalize on the success of this tent pole for the E! Network, they premiered Total Bellas last year.

The first season of Total Bellas had plenty of high and low points to it. Fans got an inside glance on some of the personal problems going on with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s relationship as they tried to become parents and deal with Daniel’s change in job status at the same time. We also got to see John Cena be super weird about his house rules and constant pursuit for cleanliness.

With season seven of Total Divas on the way with the addition of Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella to the cast many people are excited to see what will happen. But first, there’s another season of Total Bellas to deal with.

WWE recently confirmed the start date for the next season of Total Bellas and gave us an idea of what we can look forward to as well.

The new season will start on Wednesday September 6th at 9pm on the E! Network. Not only will we get to see the Bellas’ personal lives evolve but we also get to take a walk with Brie and Daniel as they prepare for parenthood. Brie will be very pregnant during the season as Baby Birdie Joe Danielson was still on the way during the filming of the season.

Season two of Total Bellas plans to kick off with Nikki Bella and John Cena’s return to the ring as they prepare for their WrestleMania angle against Miz and Maryse.

Therefore next season will illustrate how the Bella Twins dealt with two life changing events: Brie becoming a mother and Nikki becoming a bride-to-be.

It is sure to be full of plenty of drama and probably a laugh or two as well. But you’ll have to wait until September 6th for all of the fun to start in the next season of Total Bellas.