Over the years there have been several wrestlers who have achieved major success in NJPW who ended up making the jump to WWE. Finn Balor is a great example as he made his way through the ranks in NJPW as one of the founding members of The Bullet Club and he also won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship during his time with the company.

Finn Balor parted ways with NJPW in 2014 then went on to join WWE. He has since won numerous championships including the WWE Universal Championship. Balor has had a consistent presence on WWE programming for almost a decade now, and it sounds like the door is open for him to wrestle in Japan if a deal can be worked out.

Rockey Romero recently noted on Comedy Store Wrestling that he’s had some fun conversations with Finn Balor about the idea of him possibly wrestling a few matches in NJPW before returning to WWE.

“I’ve had a couple of fun conversations with him over the last couple of years of like him kind of fantasy booking, ‘I’m going to talk to Triple H and see if there’s an opportunity to come back.’ This was years ago. Just come back and do a couple of matches and re-heat himself up before going back to WWE. I definitely think there’s a value in that for somebody at that level who has been there for a few years, just heat them up by sending them out of the country and doing something really cool.”

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H/T Fightful