WrestleMania 40 has come and gone, but the show featured a loaded card. Ahead of the show there was a lot of anticipation leading up to the Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso match. However, the match was heavily criticized by fans on social media.

While talking about the match on Gorilla Position, Jey Uso noted that he feels like he and his brother let the people down, but he’s still happy that the match happened.

“I just said this to someone, I do kind of feel like we did let the people down. [Really, you feel that?] Yeah because I wanted to go out there and have a straight-up banger too. I wanted to do the wrestling part, let alone make sure the emotion part was there. It was just a time issue. You’ve just got to play your position on the team. That’s what happened. But I am still happy that I got a singles match on WrestleMania with my brother, that’s the big picture. So I will always have me and him in the face-off at WrestleMania. I’m gonna frame a picture, it’s marked off our box. I just wish we could have went ham the way I know we can.”

When asked if he only found out about the timing issues with the match that night Jey said, “Sure, oh yeah. [Someone said] ‘Yo, they went over this many minutes, sorry.’ It’s all good, just go out there and handle business.”

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H/T Inside The Ropes