Next week is sure to be eventful as the WWE Draft is set to kick off and there’s been a lot of speculation regarding who could potentially get called up. A big title match is coming up as well as Trick Williams is set to challenge Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship during Spring Breakin’ next week and if Trick fails to win the belt he will be forced to leave NXT.

Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan has reportedly been told that Trick Williams is no longer being considered for Raw or SmackDown despite discussions about him possibly getting called up to the main roster in the WWE Draft.

It’s being said that main roster officials are high on Trick Williams, but the plan is for him to be a focal point of NXT after the draft. An idea has been pitched for Trick Williams to feud with Dijak over the summer. However, that idea is up in the air due to Dijak’s contract status.

Trick Williams is seen as a future star by NXT officials and several NXT talents described him as a quick learner with a strong work ethic. NXT and main roster sources believe that time as the face of NXT could serve Trick Williams well.