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The last few months have certainly been interesting for the ROH Tag Team Titles as Adam Cole & MJF won the belts during the Zero Hour pre-show for All In, but unfortunately Adam Cole is currently out of action due to injury.

MJF successfully defended the ROH Tag Team Titles against The Righteous at WrestleDream last month, and he teamed with Samoa Joe to defend the belts agains The Gunns during AEW Full Gear Zero Hour.

At one point Samoa Joe was going for the Musclebuster on Austin Gunn, but MJF tagged himself and tried to hit the Musclebuster on Austin himself. However, Colten Gunn broke it up with a dropkick. Tension seemingly started to build as MJF went for a kangaroo kick, but Joe tagged himself in. MJF and Joe then got on the same page and both got one of the Gunns up for a Musclebuster at the same time. However, The Gunns broke it up before Joe and MJF could hit the move.

The Gunns got the upper hand and they were seemingly ready to finish off Samoa Joe, but Adam Cole’s music hit and Cole made his way down the ramp on crutches. Samoa Joe then locked in the Coquina Clutch on Colten Gunn to win the match.

MJF then hugged Adam Cole. In the ring Samoa Joe and MJF shook hands then Joe left while MJF celebrated with the belt in the ring. Adam Cole and MJF were talking when The GUnns attacked MJF from behind then grabbed a chair. The Gunns attacked MJF’s knee with a chair as Adam Cole looked on from the outside unable to do anything because of his injury.

AEW officials checked on MJF and he was then stretchered out of the arena. As MJF was being put in an ambulance he told Adam Cole “don’t let them take my championship!” Cole looked very concerned as Zero Hour came to an end.

When AEW Full Gear kicked off the footage of MJF leaving in an ambulance was shown as Excalibur explained that updates on MJF would be provided throughout the night.