Suspended WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil recently spoke to Rapzilla about his faith and more. During the interview Titus said he wants to “carry the torch of the WWE World Champion.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is the second part of a two part interview and in the first part the interviewer mentions that Titus will be finishing up with WWE when his current contract ends. You can check out the full interview here and read some highlights below.

Wanting to carry the WWE Championship torch:

“Anytime you’re labeled a champion you’re considered one of the best,” he said. “I came here to be the best, and compete with the best.”

If WWE will let him evolve:

“I do have a past, and a legitimate story to tell, and if they wanted to tell it on television to justify any situation whether heel or baby face, I look forward to displaying those things more on a consistent basis. At the end of the day I’m paid to entertain, but I also feel like I’m paid by God to be the greatest ambassador to Him that I can possibly be.”

How he feels about his suspension:

“When you think about it, WWE didn’t break the story. It got announced by Fox Sports news. Outlets that had nothing to do with wrestling took this story and the fans responded. If I were a problematic person, or cancer in the locker room, or a repeated jerk, I could definitely see the reasoning behind the length of the suspension. At the end of the day it all stems from my actions, whether it was an act of gesture or a jovial playful situation, it was deemed inappropriate, I just deal with it.”