If you know anything about pro wrestling it’s that weddings never work out the way they’re supposed to. You can count in the history of pro wrestling weddings and the number of nuptials that end poorly outnumber the ones that end happily to an astonishing degree.

Insane Championship Wrestling held their Shugg’s Hoose Party 4 event on Sunday night. During the show, Ravie Davie and Martina were scheduled to start their journey into wedded bliss. But that road to happiness was short-lived when Global Force Wrestling star Bram came to the ring and simply demolished everyone in the ring.

After Bram’s run-in during the wedding, Ravie Davie decided to defend his honor and took Bram on in a match which he won. Even though Bram lost the match he still turned some of his strikes into what appeared to be a shoot fight.

In fact, some in attendance reported it became a bad scene to watch. Bram really seemed to be shooting on Ravie Davie during the encounter and one person described it as something “that couldn’t have been planned and everyone feels uncomfortable and wants to leave.” It’s a rarity when something can happen in the ring that’s so brutal the audience wants to walk out on the show.

You can check out the results of Bram’s damage below but we must warn you Ravie Davie’s face is pretty banged up. In all honesty, it looks like someone took a baseball bat to his skull.

You can never rule out the chance this was a planned spot because the announce team was apparently drawing a correlation to Bram’s history of violent behavior. But they might have just been trying to pick up the pieces as the match unraveled in front of them.

It certainly sounded like a scary scene. We just hope Ravie Davie is okay and Bram can learn to control his temper if this was indeed an incident of uncontrolled rage.