the undertaker

A good gimmick can take a wrestler a long way, but unfortunately the wrong gimmick can also hold certain talents back. When Tyrus, formerly known as Brodus Clay, first arrived in WWE it seemed as if the company was lining him up to be a monster heel. However, WWE went in a different direction when they gave Tyrus the Funkasaurus gimmick.

The former WWE star talked a little bit about the backstage reaction to the Funkasaurus gimmick on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, and he revealed that The Undertaker absolutely hated it.

“‘Taker absolutely hated it. He’s like, ‘Look at you… you’re the one guy that looks the part, so why are we doing this?’ He was always tough on me. It was always tough love with him.”

Tyrus went on to say that The Undertaker jokingly told him he should fall on purpose while dancing with the idea being that WWE would scrap the gimmick. In the end Tyrus decided not to take the advice, but he did pick up on Taker’s message.

“He was like, ‘You know what, you should fall.’ ‘Say what?!’ ‘Go out there, fall on the ramp, they’ll cut the whole gimmick, and you can get back to being what you need to be.’ I just remember saying, ‘Would you do that?’ He was like, ‘No, I’d do as I was told.’ So I did not fall, but his message was clear: you do what you’re told, no matter what you wanna do, and it will work out.”

H/T Sportskeeda