The road to WrestleMania has been full of interesting moments so far as The Rock recently turned heel and aligned himself with Roman Reigns. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that The Rock made the decision to turn heel. A few people said that the decision was necessary due to the bad publicity from Black Adam, Young Rock getting canceled, and a bad content marketplace. The decision was made that it wouldn’t be good for The Rock to be heavily booed as a babyface, so he turned heel.

When The Rock originally had his face to face confrontation with Roman Reigns in Birmingham the company felt it was a major success due to the reaction from the live crowd. However, they immediately realized that The Rock was getting bad publicity which is something they were specifically trying to avoid.

It’s being said that The Rock changed his pitch quickly as he wanted to turn heel. WWE then started to push the idea in subtle ways with Logan Paul endorsing Cody Rhodes and having cameras immediately focus on Cody signs on the following episode of Raw.

Over the weekend The Rock said that it was best to put Cody Rhodes in the match and everyone conceded. The Great One then pitched the heel turn and also pitched The Rock & Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes for night one of WrestleMania. It’s not confirmed that match will be happening, but it was noted that if it does end up happening it was The Rock’s idea.

The Rock and Roman Reigns are both set to appear on SmackDown tonight, so it will be interesting to see where things go from here. Stay tuned for updates.