WWE made some major cuts this week and the wrestling world has been talking a lot about the company releasing Dolph Ziggler. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion had been part of the roster for almost two decades, but now his run with WWE has come to an end.

Since word of Dolph Ziggler’s release first started making the rounds wrestlers such as Big E, John Cena and The Rock have taken to social media to show their support for Ziggler.

The Miz is the latest WWE star to put the spotlight on Dolph Ziggler as he recently reflected on his Career vs. Title match with Ziggler when he posted the following on Instagram:

“I consider one of the best matches of my career the Career vs Title match at No Mercy against @heelziggler. Everything leading up to that match was great. Dolph always brought the best out of me every time we worked together. I don’t know if I’ve faced any one person more than him in my career. I’ll miss those times but excited to see what comes next for him.”

At this point in time it’s not clear if Dolph Ziggler continue to wrestle when his non-compete clause expires, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. Stay tuned for updates.