This time last year, Neville was calling himself the King of the Cruiserweights, but the king decided to leave his crown behind when he decided to part ways with WWE.

Unfortunately for Neville, he hasn’t been able to return to the ring since, and whether or not he wrestles elsewhere isn’t up to him, because he’s still under WWE contract.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently shared an update on Neville’s status, and the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is reportedly still trying to figure out if he can get out of his contact.

“Yeah, he’s hanging out at home, waiting to figure out how he’s going to get out of his WWE contract,” Johnson said via Ringside News. “Or if he’s going to come up with some way to come back to WWE. We’ll see if that ever happens.”

At this point in time it doesn’t seem as though WWE officials have any interest in letting him out of his contract.

It’s also possible that he may end up in a situation similar to Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio where his contract is frozen because he’s been missing time.

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