Last week on SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan competed in a gauntlet match with a WWE Title shot on the line, but unfortunately for Bryan he was taken out of the match after The Bludgeon Brothers attacked him, and Miz followed up with the Skull Crushing Finale to eliminate him.

This week on SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan faced Luke Harper in the main event, but it ended in disqualification when Erick Rowan interfered.

As The Bludgeon Brothers were beating Bryan down, Kane’s music hit, and the Big Red Machine attacked The Bludgeon Brothers as he made the save for Bryan.

Daniel Bryan and Kane had a stare down after they cleaned house, and Kane walked up to Bryan and extended his arms to offer a hug.

The crowd chanted for Team Hell No, but Daniel Bryan shook his head in a no motion. Eventually he gave in and Team Hell No hugged it out for the first time in years as the crowd cheered.

As the show ended Paige, came out and announced that Team Hell No will be challenging The Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules.