Swoggle spent ten years in WWE before he parted ways with the company and he knows the ridiculous WWE travel schedule well. Apparently, with WWE’s demanding schedule, the only way you could enjoy the city you were in is if you miss important things like sleep or going to the gym. After all, Superstars usually don’t get a lot of time before they have to be at the arena and once the show is over they’re off to the next town.

Swoggle recently spoke to Colt Cabana on his Art Of Wrestling podcast where he said if he wanted to actually enjoy a city they had to make a special trip a day early or straight up miss the necessary things that pro wrestlers need to excel.

“We get to have fun. In reality, I get to sell merchandise and talk to people and not go to the venue, go to the bus, go to the airport, and go to the hotel bar. Kofi and I, one time, it was about a year ago, actually, we went to the Sydney Zoo. We had like a day where we flew in, we didn’t sleep or anything, instead, we actually saw and did things. And that’s actually the only time you can do stuff is if you didn’t gym or sleep and I didn’t ever gym, obviously. I didn’t do a lot of things, so I’d go and see the town and that and Kofi and I would randomly pick a day on the tour and walk.”

Swoggle is working the indie scene right now and making towns across the world. Thankfully, he has the time to actually enjoy the community he’s performing in now as he continues to appear in big and small cities all over the place. In fact, Swoggle is tagging with Colt Cabana at Remix Pro Wrestling’s Throwdown For The Pound 16 in Marietta, Ohio on the 16th and I’m going to make a road trip out of it.

Quotes thanks to Art Of Wrestling and Wresling Inc for the transcription