In recent weeks fans have seen a number of WWE departures, and now it seems that a Hall of Famer is officially done with World Wrestling Entertainment.

PWInsider reports that WWE quietly decided not to renew Jerry Lawler’s broadcast contract with the company. Sources close to the situation have confirmed that Jerry’s contract with WWE expired at the beginning of 2024.

Due to the history Jerry Lawler had with the company his departure was met with surprise. One source noted that under the previous ownership Jerry would have been “taken care of” with the company keeping him contractually tied to WWE in some way.

The source also reportedly said, “The old company is dead. People can say they hate Vince [McMahon] and Kevin [Dunn] all they want, and they’d be right to do so, but certain people would have been taken care of. Lawler would have been one, but this isn’t the old WWE. Howard Finkel, God bless him, wouldn’t have had a job for life here anymore, either.”

Lawler has been out of the spotlight since suffering a stroke in February 2023 which is why word of his departure only started to make the rounds in recent weeks. Jerry Lawler is free to sign elsewhere, but due to his health issues there’s no word on whether or not that’s something he’s interested in.