There are a lot of ways to make money after your in-ring run ends. You can teach wrestling, go to school and start another career, or you could do Skype sessions. The trials of Sunny have been well documented, pun intended. Before she went to jail she was known for doing Skype sessions with fans that had the chance of getting a little NSFW at times.

She thankfully seems to be over her legal troubles for now. We really do wish the best for Sunny and have always been pulling for her. She moved into a sober living home in So Ho and seems to be getting back on her feet.

Part of getting back on her feet involves getting back on Skype. It looks like she started back up on that recently and has been promoting via Twitter.

Sunny recently sent out a dual purpose tweet mentioning Mother’s Day and her Skype show at the same time. It was a brilliant cross-promotion. ECW alum Dawn Marie commented about how amazing it was that Sunny had the advertising tact to wrap her Skype show and Mother’s Day in the same tweet. Sunny was quick to comment that her advertising tactics were nonetheless effective.

Remember the time Vince McMahon had a program with a one-legged wrestler? His name was Zach Gowen and he’s still doing his thing. Gowen recently shared a video of himself pulling off an exploder suplex into the corner and going on a rally at an indie show in Detroit.

It looks like he hasn’t lost a step and is still able to entertain fans with the best of them. If he keeps at it, the 34-year-old Gowen might very have another good run in him.

Like Sunny, WWE helped Gowen overcome some personal demons in the past but he seems to be doing great now.

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  1. Sunny is just an awful, vile creature. She deserves nothing, not a shred of respect from anyone. She had used and abused the system to milk whatever help she can get from WWE. But, since they enjoy wasting money on people who don’t deserve it, why not throw some at Sunny.