steve austin

The Monday Night Raw 25th anniversary show kicked off in a big way at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Shane and Stephanie McMahon made their way to the ring to present their father with an award, and the crowd ate it up.

However, Vince quickly turned the fans against him, and as they started booing, Steve Austin made his way down to the ring.

Austin hit Shane McMahon with a Stunner, then shared a beer with Vince before hitting Vince with a Stunner. Shane got one more Stunner for his troubles, and Austin drank beer in the ring as he celebrated.

Backstage Austin was interviewed and he said that he had to set Vince McMahon straight after he said he built Raw on his own, because Vince McMahon rode Stone Cold’s ass.

After Austin finished up his little speech, Mike Rome thanked him, and then Steve went off on Mike.

Austin got angry and berated Mike Rome for only asking him one question.

“Do you know who you’re talking to? My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. I actually drew money. I was the World Heavyweight Champion. I won three Royal Rumbles. And you bring me all the way out here to the east coast, to Brooklyn, you got one sorry ass question for me. You’re a chump. You need to go back to your house and do your homework, because next time Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up I want a proper interview.”

As Michael Cole would say, “vintage Steve Austin.”


  1. Hey Josh!

    That whole scene that you just described as “stone cold rips on the interviewer backstage” (I have to admit thats a genius article title to draw in readers) is what they call a “Promo” in the wrestling world.

    So guys (casual fans) , Austin didn’t really rip on the interviewer he just cut a god damn ‘promo’, just like the numerous ones he did back in his prime with Micheal Cole.