steve austin

Steve Austin is a Hall of Famer and he’s considered by many to be the greatest WWE Superstar of all time.

During The Attitude Era, Austin was at the top of the business, but due to injury he had to be written out of the storylines in 1999 so he could take time off.

The company decided to write him off by having a mystery attacker run him over, and the mystery attacker was eventually revealed to be Rikishi.

Austin opened up about the storyline while speaking with WALTER on the Steve Austin Show, and he proclaimed that it was the worst part of his career.

“You caught the worst part of my career!” Austin said via Wrestling Inc. “Me being clipped by a goddang car! s–t, that was the worst storyline I was ever involved in. But we had to come up with a way so that we could get my ass out of the way. That was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, I had to get my neck fused up and that was a suck-ass angle.”

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