steve austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest faces in pro wrestling and his presence greatly transcends even WWE. Cyrus recently talked about doing a couple of Austin’s podcasts on his own podcast Killing The Town With Storm & Cyrus.

Cyrus went on to talk about how he invited Steve Austin to one of the New Japan G1 USA shows after the interview. To everyone’s surprise, Stone Cold accepted Cyrus’ invitation.

“I was great, got to hang out with Steve [Austin] and reconnect” Cyrus said. “I invited Steve down to the [New Japan] show, he accepted, and showed up at the show in Long Beach on Saturday and you know to watch Steve Austin who’s very unassuming in t-shirt and jeans you know he’s just a down to earth dude.”

Cyrus went on to explain how an unannounced Steve Austin was received in the New Japan locker room.

“To watch Steve kinda walk into the dressing room — none of the boys knew he was showing up. It’s like — taps Tanahashi on the shoulder who’s a God in Japan and Tanahashi turns around and sees Steve Austin standing there it’s like — the kid comes out in all of us. It’s like Tanahashi was just like — his eyes were like ‘oh, Steve Austin.’ Cause of course he’s a fan of the Attitude Era stuff and so Steve was like super over of course and the boys popped and it was just so cool and I think people didn’t know he was showing up.”

“And to say that I was a babyface to the New Japan office and for receiving credit to rightly or wrongly for Steve showing up — the office could not stop thanking me for bringing Stone Cold to the building. So that was a good side benefit. It got myself over.”

“Well, I did invite him and I did tell him or suggest to him which night to come, so whatever I mean. It’s — getting a rub off Steve Austin, there’s worse things you could do kid.”

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