Steve Austin was recently part of a feature on Sport’s Illustrated’s Extra Mustard blog. You can read the full article HERE and check out some highlights below:

John Cena Using The Stunner:

“There were even people saying I was hot that John Cena was using a version of the stunner,” said Austin. “Man, there’s not a bigger John Cena fan on Planet Earth than Steve Austin. There’s no one I respect more on that crew than Cena. If he wanted to use the ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ exactly as it was, I’d have no problem with it, and that’s the bottom line.

“But here’s the thing – he already wasted it. Cena should have started beating people with it and making it one of his alternative finishes. Everybody’s finishing move has been prostituted to death now, and that goes back in the day when I wrestled The Rock at WrestleMania 17 at the Astrodome and I kicked out of a Rock Bottom and he kicked out of a stunner. You can only do that so many times. And now it happens three or four times in a match. Enough is enough.”

Seth Rollins As WWE Champion:

“They’ve got the belt on the right guy at the right time in Rollins,” he said. “If you want to go through the roster, there’s not a whole list of well-rounded workers – and this is being very frank – with the presence to actually carry that belt. There is no one better carrying that belt right now carrying that story than Seth Rollins.”

On Daniel Bryan’s Health Issues:

“That’s the sad thing,” said Austin. “Daniel Bryan’s issues are ongoing and well-documented. He went out there at Fast Lane, put his body on the line, and carried Roman Reigns to a hell of a god d— match. Son of a gun, he worked so hard to get to the top. His cruiserweight, Japan style takes a very strong toll on the body. Chronically, as far as age – he’s only 33 – he should be in the prime of his career. These are your money-making years, the time when you’re really good.

“But his body is crapping out on him. When I got dropped on my head, I was a little more of a scientific wrestler. Then I turned into more of a brawler. That really suited the ‘Stone Cold’ persona. I needed to change what I was doing, but I was 6’1”, 255, and had the leeway to do that. So with Daniel being a smaller guy, he’s got to work smarter. He doesn’t need to take all those crazy bumps. Believe me, the crowd wants this guy around. They know that every time he goes in the ring, he’s putting his health on the line. This is the point in his career where he needs to work smarter rather than harder.”

If He’ll Be At WrestleMania 32:

“There was no creative for me at WrestleMania XXXI. Now with WrestleMania XXXII coming up in Texas, I would be pretty damn sure I’m going to be there. It’s my home state and it just makes more sense.”