steve austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the biggest stars that the wrestling business has ever seen, and even though he’s retired from in-ring competition he’s still very much in touch with what’s going on in the industry.

Austin is paying attention to today’s up and coming stars, and during a recent episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Steve Austin said that he feels the veterans in the business have a responsibility to help the younger talents.

“When Stone Cold got hot, it came from l, (I was a heel), but it came from a place of anger and rage and being pissed off and being held back and wanting to get my shot and man I was going to get to the damn top no matter what it took. So I see these people in the system, in the trenches and want to be able to help them get to the next level. Not everyone is going to understand what you’re talking about or whatever percentage they can use, I just feel like it’s any veteran’s responsibility to help pass knowledge onto the younger cats in the business.”

As far as specific stars on the current WWE roster go, Austin noted that he’s been impressed by Ronda Rousey and Bayley recently.

“The things that I preach, as far as from the basics to get over, you need to learn how to work, but its intensity, it’s a mean streak as a heel or babyface, and its fire. Ronda Rousey has that fire to no end, she has that intensity to no end. Bayley, this absolute sweetheart, I love Bayley. All of a sudden she shows this damn fire and this mean streak. Her and Sasha have such great chemistry and I love Sasha [Banks] as a heel more. I love both those women.”

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