ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey’s MMA career is winding down, and she recently announced that her fight against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 will be one of her last fights. It’s expected that Rousey will pursue more opportunities in the world of acting when her MMA career is done, and she’ll certainly have other opportunities knocking on her door as well.

TMZ recently caught up with Stephanie McMahon, and they asked her what she thinks about Ronda Rousey and if she would be welcome in the WWE. Stephanie made it clear that she’s interested in bringing Rousey in.

“I certainly hope so. I gotta get her back, she put me in that arm bar. I’m certainly going to try, so I’ll just leave it at that.”

Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey certainly aren’t strangers. Rousey worked an angle with The Rock, Triple H and Stephanie at WrestleMania 31 where she stepped into the ring and got physical with Triple H and Stephanie.

Following WrestleMania 31 there were a lot of rumors going around claiming that WWE was trying to set something up for Rousey, but Dana White continued to emphasize that her WrestleMania appearance was a one shot deal.

Back in 2015, Fox Sports asked Rousey about a possible WWE run, and she expressed her desire to be a champion in WWE.

“What I would love to do, I got an Olympic medal, I would want to retire from MMA as one of the greatest of all time, I would love to have the chance to be the boxing world champion, and I would love to have the chance to be a jiu-jitsu world champion. I’d love to have the chance to be the Divas world champion and just be the best of everything at one point.”