Back in December Stardust stole Stephen Amell’s Slammy for “Celebrity Moment of the Year.” Since then he’s been taunting him with the award but the two agreed to raffle it off for charity at Dallas Comic Con on Saturday.

Stephen Amell was discussing his show “Arrow” during a panel when Stardust entered through the audience asking “Where’s Oliver?” to a big reaction from the crowd. Stardust then made his way down to the stage and harassed the moderator. After messing with the moderator for a little while he kicked him out and introduced his wife Eden as the new moderator. Eden then came to the stage with the Slammy Award.

Fans continued to ask questions but anytime they would ask Stephen Amell something Stardust would interrupt. At one point a fan made fun of Stardust’s outfit and he went out into the crowd and raised the fan’s arm then messed with him by getting in his face.

Amell mentions that he beat Stardust at SummerSlam but Stardust says beating him in a tag team contest isn’t beating him at all. Stardust continues by teasing a one on one Green Arrow vs Stardust match.

Stardust then signs the Slammy for the raffle and hands it off to Amell. He then throws a cup of water in Stephen Amell’s face and makes his exit. You can check it out in the clip below.