Things are definitely looking like they’re going to change around Impact Wrestling. Not only did they recently get a new owner, but their roster might get a shake-up soon as well. Drew Galloway’s status with the company is up in the air as the Scottish wrestler’s contract is set to expire.

His contract expires in mid-February and Dave Meltzer of reports that he has not re-signed with the Impact Wrestling. Galloway stated on the Ross Report podcast that he hoped to get something worked out with the company, but nothing is certain yet.

Drew Galloway also recently appeared on The Dirty Sheets podcast and noted that he has offers on the table, “Currently my contract is up basically after these tapings, but in February officially. We’re talking and trying to figure things out. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some offers there that I really have to think about and consider. I’m happy doing what I’m doing right now, I’m happy with the relationship we have where I’m with them and I’m allowed to do my thing around it, and we have a deal that I’m happy with. I want to keep working with everybody, I don’t want to be locked down to guarantees necessarily, but I don’t know, I guess is the right way to put it. I know in my head what the right thing is to do, it’s just working out the details I guess.”

Galloway dropped the Grand Championship to Moose which he had won at a television taping one week prior leading some to believe that his exit from the company could be eminent. Galloway is still the reigning WCPW Champion, and he has a “huge announcement” planned for January 14th’s 5 Star Wrestling Event in Dundee, Scotland.

TNA doesn’t have another round of television tapings scheduled until March, so it looks like they have some time to figure things out before then.