impact wrestling

Impact Wrestling seems to always be changing things around in an attempt to maintain a regular fanbase and find something that works for them. After all, they’ve had some valiant efforts through the years and even housed some of the best pro wrestlers of the past decade. But as things constantly change for Impact Wrestling it looks like this could be a sign that they’re still searching for something that works better for them.

Dave Meltzer noted some pretty interesting things in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about Impact Wrestling and their recent changes. While some switch-ups are simple, others could amount to meaning much more in the grand scheme of things for Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling used to feature an event called Lockdown where every match was a cage match but it looks like this event is being canceled. Instead of Lockdown, Impact Wrestling will now hold a different pay-per-view event called Redemption.

Josh Mathews might be the greatest announcer in pro wrestling (if you ask him) but it looks like he’s being taken off the announce team. Instead, Mathews will be used as a character on television at this point.

Scott Steiner will be teaming with Eli Drake to battle for the Impact Tag Team Championships but that wasn’t the initial plan. Chris Adonis was penciled in to team with Drake, but since Adonis quit the promotion unexpectantly in the middle of the television tapings, The Big Bad Booty Daddy was called instead.

It was also noted that Rey Mysterio might have been intended for the big push Austin Aries is currently enjoying too. But as we all know, things didn’t work out for Mysterio and Impact Wrestling this time around so officials called on The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived to take the big main event push.

The Grand Championship was meant to go away and this was done by merging the World (formerly known as the Impact Global Championship) and the Grand Championship. Before this was done, they nixed the rounds system in the Grand Championship match setup but it looks like they’re just retiring the title altogether.

As time goes on, maybe some of these changes will prove to be beneficial for Impact Wrestling. We can only hope for the best at least at this point.