EC3 challenged Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory, but it was Lashley who walked away with the gold. Lashley hit EC3 with a spear from the ropes to put him away for the win.

Eddie Edwards challenged Aron Rex in the finals of the Grand Championship tournament, but it was Rex who walked away with the title.

Eddie Edwards had better luck at the TNA Impact tapings on Monday night, as he challenged Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and he won the belt.

You can check out some photos from his victory below.

This is Eddie Edwards’ first run with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Edwards is a former TNA X-Division Champion, and he’s also a 5 time TNA World Tag Team Champion as part of The Wolves with Davey Richards.

Bobby Lashley defeated EC3 at Bound For Glory on Sunday, and he’s credited with being one of the most dominant TNA Champions of all time. At one point Lashley held the TNA World Title, X-Division Title and King of the Mountain Title.

TNA President Billy Corgan announced a few weeks ago that Lashley had vacated the X-Division Title and that the King of the Mountain Title had been retired. In the wake of the King of the Mountain Title’s retirement, Billy Corgan announced the creation of the TNA Grand Championship.

Aron Rex, formerly Damien Sandow, defeated Eddie Edwards in the finals of the TNA Grand Championship tournament to become the first ever TNA Grand Champion on Sunday at Bound For Glory.


    • Why because a talented wrestler became champion, not because of who he was related to ,sleeping with or because his parents used to wrestle for that company.

      • No, because what little value the title had with lashley is now gone. At this rate even the camera man can become TNA champion.

        • Just because you don’t like a wrestler, doesn’t mean everyone has to like or dislike the same people. People can like whatever wrestlers they want. It’s not a valid reason to dislike a company, because you don’t like who they push.

          • Don’t assume that I don’t like the wrestler, again…. the title has lost it’s value even more now that a mid card tag team wrestler has won it with out doing fuck all. no story line to develop this title accomplishment, no nothing.