During this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Roman Reigns celebrated his 1,000 plus day reign as champion, and Triple H presented him with a new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt during the main event segment. However, the celebration was interrupted by The Usos.

Roman Reigns told Jey Uso to kick Roman Reigns in the face and fix this right now. Jimmy Uso told Roman that the only person who needs fixing is him. Jimmy said he did what he did at Night of Champions because he’s a good brother, and lately Roman hasn’t been much of a good brother.

He questioned why Roman Reigns would manipulate his family and said that Roman has gone crazy. He told Jey and Solo that he’s going to protect them. Jimmy told Solo that Roman will kick him to the dirt when he’s done with him.

The fans chanted “Uso” and Roman said that they’re chanting it because of him. He said that Jimmy doesn’t speak for everyone and he handed the mic to Solo Sikoa who said he acknowledges The Tribal Chief, but The Usos are his brothers. Solo handed the mic to Roman Reigns and sided with The Usos.

Jimmy got on the mic and asked Roman Reigns if he wants to run this together with respect, or if he wants to end up on the Island of Relevancy all by himself. Roman got heated and told Jimmy to shut up, but Jimmy facepalmed him and shoved him back as the fans chanted “holy s**t.”

Jey Uso got in between them and told Roman Reigns and Jimmy that they’re family. Jimmy said Jey is right and they’re stronger together. He told Roman to do this together and have respect. Roman Reigns looked frustrated as he paused. The Tribal Chief hugged Jimmy Uso and looked like he was about to cry. Then he simply said “no” and backed away.

Solo Sikoa then hit Jimmy Uso with the Samoan Spike as Jey got down and checked on Jimmy. Roman Reigns left the ring and Solo Sikoa followed him shortly after. As they left Paul Heyman asked, “what about Jey?” Roman Reigns told him that Jey will do what he always does and fall in line as the show went off the air.