There are quite a few wrestlers on the WWE main roster, and although fans have their favorites WWE officials have their own favorites as well.

Cesaro is someone who has had the support of the fans for years, but WWE seems very apprehensive when it comes to pushing him.

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson addressed Cesaro’s status on his podcast, and he said not only is Cesaro “not a favorite guy” but he’s also been encouraged not to do impressive and flashy moves.

“He’s not a favorite guy, as you know, of the front office, for whatever reason that is. They’re the only ones that know because everyone else across the planet seems to think he’s a Superstar. But he continued to get leaned on to stop doing all that stuff [impressive moves] as a heel. It was just too flashy and all that stuff.”

Anderson also added that he feels WWE officials are “cheating the audience” by not allowing Cesaro to do certain moves.

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H/T Sportskeeda