Opening Segment

Shane McMahon came out looking very proud of himself. McMahon said he learned when you’re in a fight to hit first and that’s why he did what he did on Raw.

As Shane spoke out last night’s invasion, the crowd chanted “under siege.” McMahon said they’re ready. Then Sami Zayn came out looking very hyper.

Zayn said no hard feelings about Hell In A Cell and Shane said there were hard feelings but they’ll deal with it another time. Zayn said if Shane was out there as a competitor then he would take him out in one second and he would leave McMahon hurting worse than he was at HIAC.

Then Zayn came out to let Shane know KO and he had mulled it over and decided that they’d be a part of the SmackDown Live team at Survivor Series. Zayn said Shane needs them to represent the Blue Team at Survivor Series.

McMahon said he didn’t want or need them to represent them at Survivor Series but since this is the land of opportunity he said all Sami needed to do is defeat McMahon’s opponent and if he won then Zayn will be on the team.

McMahon said Sami Zayn would go one-on-one with The Viper Randy Orton.

The New Day vs Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

The Usos were on commentary and they were lit. While Kofi and Shelty fought in the ring and traded moves The Usos hyped themselves big time.

Kingston tagged out to Woods and they hit Benjamin with a flurry of fast moves. Then Benjamin sent Kofi flyout out of the ring with a clothesline.

Chad Gable took the tag and kept the pressure on Kofi for a bit. The #1 contenders traded tags while Kofi could do little to fight their offense.

The finish came when Shelton kicked Woods from the apron as the illegal man allowing Gable to score a quick pin.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

The women of SmackDown Live were backstage and they were all proud of taking Raw Under Siege. Carmella had an empty leash and said James Ellsworth had gone missing. When Daniel Bryan walked up he seemed minorly concerned that Ellsworth had ran away.

B-Bry said they would all be in the Women’s Survivor Series match… except for Lana.

Then he booked a match between the rest of the women to determine who would be the captain of the women’s team representing the Blue Team at Survivor Series.

The Fashion Files

It turns out they’re doing a Reservoir Dogs parody this week and The Ascension were right alongside Breezango. They also had Ellsworth tied to a chair like he was the cop in the Quentin Tarantino classic.

Mella walked up with her briefcase and Fandango took her briefcase. He opened it up to reveal very dirty underwear. They all freaked out and Dango slung the underwear over his shoulder.

Breezango congratulated each other for figuring out the case and The Ascension reminded them they didn’t solve anything.

Konnor said the people they’re looking for is obviously the Bludgeon Brothers. Then Dango said things are about to get “strangerer”… “as in Strangerer Things?” Breeze asked… “exactly” Dango responded.

Backstage Segment

Daniel Bryan asked Shane McMahon if he was going to tell him about taking Raw under siege. Bryan said they’re a team and he didn’t agree with this decision. Shane said he made a decision and Bryan said he was just putting in his input because that’s part of his job description.

Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara

This match is happening again because Sin Cara won last week via count out which was fun. At least it proved Sin Cara was still around.

Corbin destroyed Sin Cara from the opening moments. He pummeled him in the corner and tossed him across the ring. Baron hit an elbow across the back of Sin Cara’s next and continued to stand on his head.

Cara caught him with an elbow and then flipped over Baron Corbin. Sin Cara hit some chops and landed a suicide dive to the outside and then he hit another one. The second one put Baron Corbin down because the first one didn’t quite do it.

Sin Cara hit Baron with a missile dropkick once they got back in the ring and Baron rolled outside to take a breather. Baron promptly returned to the ring and took the fight to Sin Cara. He reigned down punches on Sin Cara until the referee called for the bell.

Winner: Sin Cara vs DQ

Baron Corbin just turned to leave and didn’t look happy. Suddenly he stopped and pulled Sin Cara out of the ring to hit an End Of Days on the outside. “One more time!” the crowd chanted while Baron Corbin held his US Title over Sin Cara yelling how he’ll never get it from him.

AJ Styles vs Sunil Singh

The Singh Brothers came out to introduce Jinder Mahal as always and they added a little Paul Heyman flair in there in the process which was noticeable.

Before Jinder could even open his mouth he was met with “USA” chants.

Mahal called Paul Heyman a liar and replayed Brock Lesnar’s Advocate’s speech from the previous night.

Jinder Mahal cut a little promo on Brock Lesnar and said the age of the Modern Day Maharaja had just begun. He didn’t get too far into it before AJ Styles came out wearing a nice new t-shirt.

On a side note: Sunil Singh wrestled this match in his street clothes which couldn’t have been the best attire to wrestle. Oh, and the referee tossed Jinder Mahal out of ringside.

Styles was distracted from Samir Singh early on because he wasn’t kicked out of ringside for some reason. In the next instant, AJ had Sunil in a Calf Crusher and Singh was tapping like nobody’s business.

Winner: AJ Styles

Sami Zayn was backstage and Kevin Owens popped in. He said he just spoke to Daniel Bryan and next week he has a qualifying match for Survivor Series against Shinsuke Nakamura. They said at Survivor Series, SmackDown Live’s team would be Team Sami and Kevin… or Team Kevin and Sami, whichever works.

Backstage Segment

Daniel Bryan was backstage when Mahal came up with The Signh Brothers and they were mad. Jinder said next week Samir Singh will beat AJ Styles and defend his honor. Samir said, “it’s going to be phenomenal”… “You made that joke last week,” Daniel Bryan said after they walked off.

Naomi vs Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Tamina vs Charlotte Flair

Since Carmella found Ellsworth she had him tied to a ring post like a dog so he wouldn’t get stolen again. Wasn’t that sweet of her?

Natalya’s music hit and she walked in the ring wearing street clothes and clutching her title. She made the ring announcer give her a grand introduction before the match started and nobody looked amused at all.

When the bell rang everyone started kicking each other. Tamina and Carmella soon found each other in the ring alone and then Tamina took down Mella with a punishing shot too.

Charlotte and Becky returned to the ring to take out Tamina and then they drank invisible tea, but Flair hit a chop on Lynch as she was sipping her make-believe classy beverage.

The match soon resulted in a brawl on the outside. Charlotte hit Tamina with a fallaway slam and Becky hit her with a hip attack from the apron. Naomi jumped on Lynch and then Charlotte grabbed Naomi and punished her on the barricade.

Lana snuck up on Charlotte when she was working on Tamina and The Ravishing Russain was sent across the ringside area and almost had a wardrobe malfunction when her skirt came sliding up.

Mella jumped in the match and took Naomi out by throwing her into the ring post. She hit a kick on Lynch and tried to pin her twice but it was to no avail.

Suddenly Becky Lynch locked Carmella in a Dis Arm Her and The Princess Of Staten Island had no choice but to tap out

Winner AND Captain of the SmackDown Women’s Team at Survivor Series: Becky Lynch

Bludgeon Brothers Promo

Dark is light, light is dark… they said they can do anything because they fear nothing. They still have big hammers and that should be scary enough.

Backstage Segment

Ziggler and Renee had an interview if you want to call it that. Ziggler broke down what a promo is just boring until a catchphrase. Then he said his catchphrase is going going to be “I told you so.” He kept directing his promo at Roode and how he beat Bobby Roode last week.

Then he looked over and Bobby Roode happened to be standing there. Isn’t wrestling fun?

Roode said they’re not friends but Dolph love sot run his mouth. Bobby said he they are one win apiece and now it’s time to have a match to determine who is the better man. Then Roode challenged Ziggler to a 2 out of 3 falls match next week on SmackDown Live. This match was rumored to be scheduled for this week but it looks like they’re pushing it back a week.

Roode said next week on SmackDown Live is going to be absolutely glorious.

Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton

These two fought in the ring and it soon spilled out. Zayn hit a moonsault off the barricade and they soon made their way back in where Zayn maintained control.

Randy kept blocking suplexes and then turned one around on Sami to drape him across the top rope. Orton hit a powerslam on Zayn and Sami jumped outside. He tried to pull off another moonsault but this time off the announce table but Orton grabbed him and planted him off the table instead.

Once they returned to the ring Orton hit a fallaway slam on Zayn and Sami climbed to the top. He hit a cross body on Orton for a two count.

Orton ended up down once again and Sami climbed to the top. Orton stopped him and climbed up to join him. Orton hit a superplex on Zayn for a two count. You ever notice how they seem to always get one superplex in the main event of every SmackDown Live?

Randy rolled outside and Sami Zayn hit his diving DDT through the ropes. Once they returned inside Randy put himself in the corner but dodged out of the way of a Helluva kick.

Orton hit his vintage DDT and suddenly Kevin Owens ran down to the ring. Looks like he’s back already. The referee ejected Owens and Orton hit an RKO for the win.

SmackDown Live ended with Orton looking Owens in the eyes while Kevin couldn’t believe it.

Backstage Segment

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were backstage while they were talking about how Kurt Angle will eventually bring the Raw brand to SmackDown Live and they better be ready for it. Shane better be ready especially because it’s in his job description.