shawn michaels

For years Triple H was the mastermind behind NXT, but times have changed and now the former world champion is in charge of creative for the WWE main roster. Shawn Michaels is running NXT and he recently clarified during an appearance on the Culture State podcast that he mostly handles things when it comes to weekly TV.

The Heartbreak Kid went on to say that even though Triple H isn’t as involved with NXT’s weekly TV program he still pays attention to the brand and keeps an eye out for wrestlers who might be ready to get called up.

“From a weekly television standpoint, what we do on ‘NXT’ is more or less my ballpark. Hunter always checks in and knows who the people are. He obviously watches the show, he sees the people that appear to have promise in his sight and in ours as well.

I think he takes a mental note of who he sees and what he sees in them, and I’m sure he makes his crew aware of it as well. And then whenever those times come when they feel like they’re ready for a call-up or they see a need that they might have, that’s when they would give us a call.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.