Cody Rhodes managed to pick up some major momentum when he returned to WWE earlier this year as he defeated Seth Rollins three times. Rhodes has unfortunately been out of action since June due to injury, and WWE seemingly left the door open for the feud to continue when Rollins attacked Rhodes to write him off TV.

This week WWE aired a best of episode instead of a live Raw which featured an appearance from Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare talked about his feud with Seth Rollins while noting that a fourth match isn’t on his radar.

“Make no mistake about it. Seth and I are not chummy, we’re not best friends. But Seth Rollins is one of the top three wrestlers in the entire world. Three matches, not just one but three matches was an honor. Again, we’re not best friends. We don’t exchange Christmas cards, but there’s a bond by battle there with Seth and myself. I know he’s probably clamoring for a fourth match, [but] I don’t know if that’s on my radar.”

At this point it’s not clear when Cody Rhodes will be returning to in-ring competition. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

H/T Fightful