During night 1 of WrestleMania 39, The Miz ended up facing off against Pat McAfee in an impromptu match, and on Sunday he came out to announce the attendance for WrestleMania with Snoop Dogg. The Miz started going off on Snoop Dogg, and he called Snoop out for putting him in the match with McAfee. Snoop asked if he wanted to do it again and Miz emphatically said, “no.” Miz continued to berate Snoop Dogg, so Snoop pointed to the top of the stage and Shane McMahon made his entrance.

Shane made his way down to the ring then got emotional as he grabbed a mic and thanked the crowd for the warm reception. Snoop Dogg then called for a referee and told them to ring the bell.

Shane hit The Miz with a few jabs, then they ran the ropes. Shane jumped up over Miz for a leap frog, but his knee gave out when he landed and he collapsed on the mat. It appeared to be a legitimate injury as Shane McMahon was then helped out of the ring and he wasn’t shown or mentioned again.

Snoop Dogg then got in the ring and punched The Miz in the mouth. Snoop took off his sunglasses and hit The Miz with a People’s Elbow then pinned The Miz. The referee counted the pin and Snoop Dogg was announced as the winner. After the match Snoop Dogg celebrated with the golden WWE Championship belt.