sexy star

Sexy Star is not a very popular person in the pro wrestling business after shooting on Rosemary at TripleMania and dislocating her arm. Many people in the business have blackballed her and it looks like those bannings just keep coming.

Chris Jericho heard the story and although he doesn’t know Rosemary, or Sexy Star for that matter, he was still outraged. Y2J spoke very succinctly about the situation on Talk Is Jericho and had a rather important announcement to make in the process.

“If that’s true, Sexy Star… you’re a sexy piece of sh-t,” Chris Jericho said on Talk Is Jericho. “So is anybody that books you from now on. Wrestling is a  — you’re giving someone your body there’s a lot of trust and to do something malicious on purpose… I don’t care what the circumstances are that’s just bad, bad news man.”

Y2J spoke calmly about the matter but you could tell there was a fire behind his words. Pro wrestling has been a huge part of Chris Jericho’s life for a very long time and he takes it very seriously.

Not only did Chris Jericho verbally lambast Sexy Star, but he took it a step further in doing one thing in his power to make sure his stage was never used to promote her work when he banned her from Talk Is Jericho.

“I don’t know where her mind is at, never met her, at this point, I don’t think I want to. Sexy Star you are now going to have a lifetime ban from Talk Is Jericho. Sexy Star is banned from Talk Is Jericho for life. There you go. There’s my little piece of the pie and that’s what I say about that.”

At this rate, Sexy Star will be lucky to secure any kind of bookings where a video camera is present at all. But that might not be a bad thing in the end.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Talk Is Jericho and for the transcription