Seth Rollins

Over the last few months Seth Rollins has switched things up and reinvented himself as the Monday Night Messiah, and he’s also taken several disciples under his wing.

Seth Rollins is currently aligned with Murphy, and Austin Theory, but recently he’s been teasing another addition to his stable.

The Monday Night Messiah held a retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio on Raw this week, and later in the show Rey and his son Dominik responded to Seth with a video message.

While Rey was talking about Rollins he was interrupted by Dominik who was clearly upset with what Seth has done to his father. Dominik ended the video by teasing an “eye for an eye” in response to Seth shoving his father’s eyes into the ring steps.

Seth Rollins addressed Dominik’s comments on Raw Talk, and he praised Dominik while teasing that he may try to recruit him.

“Dominik is a young man. I understand his position, but I believe he’s just a little confused. I think he needs to take a step back. I think he needs to understand that this isn’t a personal attack on his father. That’s not what this is, this is a necessary sacrifice. Dominik – look I’ve seen him make his way between these ropes. I’ve seen what he’s capable of. There’s a bright future awaiting Dominik, and I know just the person who could lead him to that future.”

One way or another it will be interesting to see where the storyline with Seth, Rey and Dominik goes from here.