The Shield was one of the most popular groups during their run in WWE and they were arguably one of the most popular wrestling trios ever. During their run there were constantly rumors going around saying that WWE was considering adding a fourth member to The Shield, but Seth Rollins has officially squashed those rumors. Seth Rollins recently participated in a Q & A session for Wizard World in Philadelphia and according to him there was zero discussion about adding another rumor.

“There was zero discussion about adding another member male or female to The Shield. If it ever came up, I would squash it. The Shield was very special and no offense to the ladies, I love the ladies, but The Shield is what it is, it is what it is for a reason, me, Roman and Dean and that’s all it will ever be. If I had to pick one female that’s Shield-esque, Paige would have been a good fit, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch. A lot of us and those NXT girls have the same attitude the same we’re taking over attitude so any of them would have fit in quite well.”

Seth Rollins was also asked by a fan about why promos are now scripted word for word. He responded by saying he was surprised the fan had so much insight into what goes on in the WWE because he’s never seen him backstage, then he proceeded to answer the question.

“There’s a reason that our promos have become more written out and more thought out. It’s because guys have less experience cutting promos on the fly. It’s a different industry than it was 20 years ago, and that’s ok, we don’t have to go back to The Attitude Era, or before and say ‘It was better than because…’ I think that a lot of times we harken back to those days and what it used to be and all that, but on the other hand, wrestling’s pretty awesome right now. For me, it’s whatever works. Some guys go over their stuff line for line, word for word and some guys it doesn’t work for them that way. I think the best of the best if you look at history are the guys who can do it all. For me, I like to do both.”

After he answered the fan joked that he works in catering and prepares the chicken press. Seth told him he will look out for him. You can check out the full Q & A below.