road dogg

World Wrestling Entertainment is a business. That idea should never be lost on fans. It is WWE’s job to make as much money as possible because that’s what businesses are supposed to do. But WWE is in the business of entertainment, so they have their fans or consumers to worry about as well. Therefore, WWE is constantly entwined in a delicate dance with fan acceptance and the bottom line.

Road Dogg might have been one of the most charismatic and unpredictable talents on the microphone during the Attitude Era but now he’s enjoying a spot as head writer on SmackDown Live. He’s been doing a good job in all honesty, but it seems no matter how hard he tries to put out an outstanding product the fans seem to just want more or something different.

The #FireRoadDogg hashtag even popped up on Twitter after Battleground and The D-O-Double G had to handle that nonsense appropriately. With SummerSlam on the way, SmackDown Live is trying their best to present the best product possible. They’ve set up the Shinsuke Nakamura vs John Cena dream match for this week’s show and fans still don’t appear to be totally happy with their hard work.

It seems like Road Dogg might be on his last straw at this point but he’s in the pro wrestling business so he probably has really thick skin. He tweeted out saying most fans don’t even know anything about Dave Meltzer’s five-star rating system but WWE still tries to give the best matches possible. But in the end, WWE is a business and a business needs to make money.

His old friend X-Pac just couldn’t resit himself and had to chime in as well. Pac said in his own cynical way Road Dogg has to choose between making money and putting on a good show. Apparently, it’s much like Highlander in the sense where there can be only one: good wrestling or profit… chose wisely.

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