sean waltman

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame class has includes some big names such as Goldberg, Ivory, The Dudley Boyz, Hillbilly Jim, Jeff Jarrett, Kid Rock and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.

Henry has had a very long career with WWE, and as soon as his induction was announced his peers took to social media to congratulate him. However, Sean Waltman refrained from congratulating Henry, and on a recent episode of his X-Pac 12360 show he explained why.

According to Waltman he didn’t want to deal with the backlash he might have received from people bringing up the infamous segment where DX imitated the Nation of Domination.

“There were so many people that were congratulating Mark on Twitter and I didn’t… I purposely avoided it so people didn’t bring up me dressing up in blackface like Mark. Not that I’m afraid. I just didn’t want to insert that into the Hall of Fame conversation. He was fine with it, but I’m not fine with it now. That’s all. And there was nothing bad meant by it, but the things I know now, I’m a little embarrassed by it.”

Waltman also shared his thoughts on WWE clearing Daniel Bryan, and he noted that he’s happy things worked out the way they did.

“I’m just really really happy for him. All I could do was have a feel-good moment for Bryan. I totally can understand, because I deal with some of those issues. I know how scary that could be, just the prospect of what’s in store for the future and things like that. I just had to quit doing what I love doing and not on my own terms. And so I’m really happy that it turned out this way, instead of Bryan having to leave WWE to do what he wants to to be happy.”

“Trust me, I don’t think they just ran and just jumped right into the deep end of the pool right away. That’s just what we saw… Actually, it’s exactly the right time. Not a moment too late and not a moment too soon because they had to make really really sure and have a lot of different opinions on this, you know? And people can selfishly want to see him back in the ring and in a match but let’s make sure he can do it and not cause any permanent damage.”