Lana recently made her return to WWE SmackDown Live, and she made a big impact on her first night with the blue brand. After failing to convince Shane McMahon that she should be in the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, she attacked Naomi and put herself in the title hunt. The Ravishing Russian will now go on to challenge the SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi for her belt at Money in the Bank.

Lana has been working hard to improve her in-ring skills, and she’ll have to pull out all the stops if she wants to win the belt on Sunday. The Ravishing Russian recently spoke to USA Today about her in-ring work, and she says that she’s excited to show people what he can do.

“I’m really excited about showing my in-ring journey because I have been training a lot over the last year,” she said. “It wasn’t always a skip in the park, but I was just so hungry to learn. My past is very, very different than (the other performers). But I am a strong believer to follow your own path, no matter what people think.”

When Lana debuted on SmackDown Live, she showed up wearing a dress, and she’s also doing a lot more dancing as of late. However, Lana says that she’s not playing a new character, and she’s the same Ravishing Russian we’ve come to know.

“I’m the same ‘Ravishing Russian’ that you’ve always known,” she said of the character she portrays. “It’s funny to me when I hear people say that it’s a new character. I embody ‘Ravishing.’ I come out in the most ravishing dress. I have a ravishing entrance. I’m ravishing people’s hearts. I was managing Rusev and wearing a suit because if you’re managing someone or an agent in real life, you are going to wear a suit to work.”

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